It's been a while since I made any changes to my website, but the time has come to update my website once again.

I also thought I would like to learn something diffrent, what I could do diffrently this time and find out what's changed since last time I looked at creating a personal website.

Previous Setup

My previous website was created with Hugo which is a static website generator. I had come to use it because I liked what it had to offer and the benefits that came with a static website. I had looked at other options such as Jekyll, but ultimately choose to use Hugo. At the time Jekyll was feature rich, but Hugo was simple and fast and because of that it was ultimately the reason I choose it.

New options?

There are alot of options out there now for static website generators, which you can see at One that caught my attention though was Gatsby, I had seen a number of developers tweet about it and from looking more into it, it's more than your standard website generator. If I was looking to build something more complicated then I probably would of explored this option more further.


Because I am a .Net developer, I was more inclined to favour a .Net solution. I also liked the fact it was simple and easy to get going. If you are familiar with Razor syntax in ASP.NET then it should come easy to use.


First make sure you have the dotnet core cli and install by typing in the following in a terminal

dotnet tool install -g Wyam.Tool

You can create a webstie how you see fit but there are two types of websites, which are called recipes already predefined for you to use. For example if you wanted to create a blog then type:

wyam new --recipe Blog

You should see the scaffolded files for you to work with. Before generating the webiste you can apply a theme for a blog type website, which you can find Here. To then generate the site run:

wyam --recipe Blog --theme CleanBlog

Then to view your site locally run:

wyam preview

If you are interested in looking at the source code then you can find it Here. If the link doesn't work copy and paste the following link in the URL bar