Breif intro

Hi, my name is Matthew Regis. I am a software developer working in the West Midlands area. I am a full stack .NET and Android developer. I primarily use C# with .NET and Kotlin for Android. I like to learn every day to stay up to date on the latest Android/.NET technologies along with best practices.

You can find some of my personal Android projects Here. You can also checkout my Github Here.

More info

Instead of laboriously reading through a wall of text, I've broken it down like a Q&A.

First memory of coding

VBA in Microsoft Office - I was in high school at the time. I can't remember which one came first Excel or Access, but I remember editing a macro in VB. I didn't realize it at the time, but that was my frist experience at coding.

First cool tech you owned

T-Mobile G1 - I have since owned many other Android phones but this is what sparked my passion for wanting to create mobile apps, especially Android apps.

What got you into I.T.

Probably playing PC games as a kid. I couldn't really afford a games console when I was much younger so instead I would buy PC games that I could play on my dad's PC. I would sometimes start exploring the game files to see what I could modify.

Favorite game of all time

Half-Life - This was my first-ever FPS game I ever owned and still to this day it's the best game I have ever experienced. The graphics don't compare to todays standards, but the immersive gaming experience was like no other. I also really enjoyed playing Black Mesa which is a fan-made Half-Life remake.

Something thats not tech related

I like to travel now and again, mostly to the Far East. In chronological order of places I've visited. I've been to Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.